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INSPECTA S.R.L. is a company with many years of experience in the Oil&Gas field, gathered in multidisciplinary services for infrastructures in naval, chemical, petrolchemical, fields , both for onshore and offshore projects.

The Company provides a wide range of services such as: assistance and consulting on welding and coating activities, quality project management, inspections and expediting, training on welding.

On a continuous research to develop custom made solutions, in the headquarter of Ravenna we have a Mechanical Testing Laboratory with the most advanced equipment.

Our services are in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and certified by AENOR, certificate n° ER-0515/2014

INSPECTA S.R.L. was founded in 2011 in Forlì (Italy), on the thirty-year experience gained by the founding partners and in collaboration with major production companies and prestigious engineering companies at a national and international level.

Faced with increasingly sophisticated technologies and more specific activities as time went by, the two founding partners decided to join their competences and expertise in a solid synergy, thus creating a Company that specializes in providing high technical consulting, studies and services in the fields of Control and Quality Assurance, Inspection Activities, Welding Engineering, as well as studies for technical-constructive solutions.

In 2014, in the process of a constant evolution and development of our Company in order to meet our Customers' needs, the managers' board decided to open a branch office in Ravenna to expand the range of our services, and thus provide:

- A Technological Laboratory for the performance of mechanical and technological tests. Equipped with the most advanced instruments and tools, our laboratory can meet the needs of many different customers, being perfectly suitable for the global market as well as for the oil & gas sector.

- Activities of Inspection, Expediting and Desk-Expediting on supplies, with our internal dedicated technical staff working in concert with a large network of external consultants, located around the world to provide a timely response even with a very short notice;

- Training courses , held in our wide, state-of-the-art training room and in our workshop for welding school, as we strongly believe that education and training are an important resource for companies, to improve their staff's competences and skills and develop their business in general.

Starting from July 2014, all our services are delivered in accordance with the quality requirements set by the ISO 9001 standard, and certified by the international body AENOR, with reference to the Quality Management System Certificate No. ER-0515/2014. This also has the aim of monitoring our customers' satisfaction level, as well as constantly improving the quality of the services provided.

Our Company’s growth and evolution still goes on right now, as we continue to work with engineering and construction companies and certifying bodies recognized at an international level, and with an increasingly wide network of highly-skilled technical staff, with an extensive know-how. In this way, we are able to solidly support our Customers through the implementation of interdisciplinary approaches, and by always working with aproactive and efficient attitude..

We have one facility located in the head office of Forlì, where administrative tasks are handled, and one in the office of Ravenna, where the operational office, the technical laboratory, the two training rooms and the welding school are located, in an area of over 500 square meters.

The Technical Laboratory has a dedicated area, arranged to achieve the best efficiencyin service and equipped with cutting-edge equipment and instrumentation.

The Welding School features n. 5 welding stations with welding machines of the latest generation, where practical welding and brazing courses are carried out. Upstairs are the Management's Executive Office and the Training Rooms.

Given the significant influence that work environment can have on performances, the company pays particular attention to this aspect through a proper management, based on performing streamlined activities, being very committed towards achieving the company's objectives, and defining working methods that provide the opportunity for staff to see their creativity acknowledged and recognized.

We also pay special attention to the activities of Customer's relationship management, as we consider constant communication and interaction to be the basis to establish an active cooperation, which indeed adds significant value to the delivery of our services.

We can count on a professional organization specialized in providing consulting, research studies and services with a high technical profile in the services we provide.
Our technical personnel is highly qualified and in systematic improvement thanks to specialization courses. Our team consists of c.a. 20 technicians, including company staff and consolidated external collaborators and, depending on workloads, can be increased by several units, located both in Italy and abroad, using our network to cover local needs in various parts of the world.

Our Management is qualified as IWE and IWT, IWI-C and CSWIP 3.1 International Welding Inspectors, NDT Operators lev. 2 and 3, Quality System Auditors according to ISO 9001:2015. They have worked for many years in the Construction of petrochemical plants and pressure equipment such as QA / QC and CND Coordinators, Inspectors and QC and Welding Managers. They also perform Inspector activities for Notified Third Parties recognized internationally.

All the personnel responsible for the various services offered to our clients have a degree and specific qualifications relating to the tasks performer as the Management promotes the continuous and systematic improvement of its management, committed to achieving our objectives


We focus on the technical requirements of our clients enhancing our services in order to provide always proactive and efficient solution.


Client’s centrality, professionalism, quality, innovation, commitment, punctuality and concreteness are the values we believe in and that daily guide our work.
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